Registration Information

Becoming a member helps us protect our riding privileges, maintains trails, and builds relationships with the community and with local land managers (the Forest Service and BLM). It also helps support the Dry Lake MX Park and provides discounts at local shops. RMSR manages the Dry Lake Park for the town of Gypsum.

The annual registration fee is $20 but minors under 18 are free. You need to be registered to ride at the Dry Lake MX Park and you receive membership with your registration. Our membership year Starts on March 1 and ends Feb 28/29 of the following year. The membership fee is not prorated, but memberships for new members received between Oct 31 and March 1 will be valid until the second Feb 28/29 after receipt of the membership.

New memberships can be completed online and payments can be made using a credit card.  One or more memberships for each family are possible.

You can also change personal data at any time on this web site after you login.

RMSR has a Facebook page! Search for “RMSR”, select it, then click on “join group” (upper right corner).

If you have any questions or concerns about becoming a member, please contact us.

Local Discounts

Visit the following stores for discounts

Beyond supporting and advocating for more access and trails, becoming a member may get you some great discounts in the future…

Member Discounts

Keep an eye out as we will add discounts here.

Why should I join RMSR? Top 10 reasons to join RMSR:

1. Protect existing trails.
2. Riding in your garage is no fun.
3. Expand riding opportunities – we are building up to 30 miles of new trails in the next 2 years
4. Fight Hidden Gems / Heritage Act agenda and “Wilderness” designation. There are alternative options- Special Recreation Area and Conservation Area, protect the land just as well and allow the public to use and enjoy the land.
5. Build and run a motocross track in Eagle County.
6. Walking single track stinks.
7. Positive community impact.
8. Social club with riding opportunities / networking.
9. Possible future discounts at Colorado shops.
10. Telling stories about how great trail riding in the rocky mountains USED TO BE is lame.

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