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Rocky Mountain Sport Riders (RMSR) is a family oriented motorcycle club dedicated to preserving and expanding riding opportunities for our members and others who enjoy riding dirt bikes in Colorado.  We support balanced and responsible use of public lands while promoting respect, education and stewardship of the environment.

The club began to take shape in 1996 and became a non-profit, 501(c)3 in 2013.  We have over 580 members and growing.  We encourage everyone to become a member.  Annual dues are only $20 with minors under 18 free. Members receive a club logo sticker, significant discounts at many local shops, and more importantly provide financial support for our facilities and objectives. We do not have any employees, simply volunteers. Every dollar we receive goes right back into maintaining your off-road motorcycles privileges whether that be on our facility or public land!


Club Officers
Joe O’Malley – President, 970.471.9912, joeo@rmsrco.com
Paul Miller – Vice President, 970.331.4737, paulm@rmsrco.com
Mitch Hayne – Treasurer, 303.443.0076, twom.mitch@gmail.com
Charlie Sherwood – Membership, 703.447.3390, charlies@rmsrco.com
Spencer Ball – Club Officer, 970.331.1824, spencerb@rmsrco.com
Ben Bradford – Club Officer, 970.471.6193, benb@rmsrco.com
Craig Kisker – Club Officer, 970.376.1212, craigk@rmsrco.com


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